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-Within the Grand Dream everything one experiences is ‘predestined’. Nevertheless, ‘effort’ to become Self Realized [Free] is the only thing that is NOT pre-determined. It is your ‘only’ purpose, until it occurs … and yet,

-Self Realization is an ever-Present state of Being. Invariably however, ‘effort’ is expended to achieve this state of Awareness as something ‘outside’ one’s current experience due to the veils of conditioning [false-self-identity] that seem to hide IT … and yet,

-The ‘seeking for’ the SELF is actually an ‘impediment’ to the return of the Awareness ‘of’ IT … due to the suggestion of ‘distance’ from where one is [seems to be] and the Realized state [since distance is an aspect of the belief in separation].

Self Inquiry [persistence – ‘effort’] resolves this paradox.

When one asks the question: “To whom does this [issue, emotion, circumstance, etc.] arise?” … which is then answered by: “To me” … followed by: “Who am I?” … the ‘effort’ involved in dissolving the false-self-identity [conditioning which manifested it] is handed to the SELF [YOU Are]. This is why Self Inquiry is the direct route to Freedom with the SELF handling the heavy lifting.

-image by Solveig Larsen

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John, in self inquiry, the me is the false self and the answer to Who am I?, is the true Self. Why do we ask this question when it is known already? We are told to not answer but it is known albeit, intellectually. Robert Adams and you say it is the direct route to Self Realization. How could all of this be said in another way? I really want to grasp this. Thanks so much got your daily posts. ❤️❤️❤️

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