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-Within the Grand Dream everything one experiences is ‘predestined’. Nevertheless, ‘effort’ to become Self Realized [Free] is the only thing that is NOT pre-determined. It is your ‘only’ purpose, until it occurs … and yet,

-Self Realization is an ever-Present state of Being. Invariably however, ‘effort’ is expended to achieve this state of Awareness as something ‘outside’ one’s current experience due to the veils of conditioning [false-self-identity] that seem to hide IT … and yet,

-The ‘seeking for’ the SELF is actually an ‘impediment’ to the return of the Awareness ‘of’ IT … due to the suggestion of ‘distance’ from where one is [seems to be] and the Realized state [since distance is an aspect of the belief in separation].

Self Inquiry [persistence – ‘effort’] resolves this paradox.

When one asks the question: “To whom does this [issue, emotion, circumstance, etc.] arise?” … which is then answered by: “To me” … followed by: “Who am I?” … the ‘effort’ involved in dissolving the false-self-identity [conditioning which manifested it] is handed to the SELF [YOU Are]. This is why Self Inquiry is the direct route to Freedom with the SELF handling the heavy lifting.

-image by Solveig Larsen

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