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As one goes deeper and deeper ‘within’ there is often a subtle arrogance present, which is the false self’s ‘last stand’ since it must hide in the lingering shadows of its illusory life. When one has Truly made the NO MATTER WHAT choice to be Free … to remember the SELF They Really Are, their entire life is focused upon this one Intention. Nothing they do or say strays from this Attention as more and more the conditioning that once defined their narrow existence as the fiction of a ‘person’, transforms back into nothing-ness. This [at first] un-noticed arrogance quietly underscores and obscures the absolutely clear Vision the SELF they are always exhibits. It is insidious and may be slightly ‘felt’ by those who ‘follow’ the ones who are Free-with-baggage [the SELF with some echoes of conditioning still clinging].

It is essential that ‘every stone’ be overturned to expose these ‘gremlins’ of ‘special-ness that still adhere to the Pristine Beauty of the emerging SELF. Every nuance of person-hood, separation and greater-than must be consumed in the furnace of Truth until ‘Nothing’ remains [the Emptiness of the God You Are]. This is the scrupulous ‘fine-tuning’ required as the dream of separation fades quickly from the eyes that now SEE Truth.

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Can the false self exist as a servant of the real self? Or is it simply an illusion?

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