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Most of the plethora of spiritual practices and disciplines available are designed to ‘eventually’ bring one to what many refer to as Self Realization … what others call Christ or Cosmic Consciousness and still others define as Buddha Awakening.

The primary error associated with these often long and arduous procedures is the subtle or even overt reference to a ‘someone’ who goes from un-awareness ‘to’ awareness. This ‘someone’ is accepted [usually] as a personal identity called ‘me’ and this ‘me’ therefore is hopefully getting better and more qualified to receive some kind of dispensation that confers an enlightened state of awareness upon ‘it’. This is a complete fiction despite the multitudes who have followed this so-called ‘path’ HOME.

HOME is ‘always NOW and never in some kind of future [that does NOT exists].

ME [the separated body-mind-identity] does NOT exist … only the ONE SELF [by any name] is Real.

The removal of this ‘me’ illusion ‘is’ all that is required for HOME-Freedom-Awareness-Truth, etc. to be ‘REVEALED’ – simple! Removing ‘me’ however first requires the acknowledgment that it ‘is’ a fiction … and then, a NO MATTER WHAT choice to remove it. This is the difficult part since this means the death of a personal identity. When this choice is made Freedom ‘is’ very near and the ways and means WILL just show up spontaneously and effortlessly.

-image by Solveig Larsen

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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