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As long as you believe that you are an ‘individual’ … a ‘person’, no amount of ‘we are all connected’ talk will be anything more than ‘spiritual small talk’. The concept of individuality ‘is’ the expansion of the belief in ‘separation’, which is the foundation upon which the entire Grand Dream of the universe-world is based and manifests. From this belief all manner of spiritual ‘levels’ connected to more and more concepts like having a higher self or soul, having guides, angels and ETs directing you, growing, evolving and ascending to higher planes as well as a myriad of dimensions and time-lines associated with ‘becoming-more’ … are a part of one’s focused attention and as a result - dream experience.

There ‘is’ only ONE SELF … everything, everyone and ALL experiences occur as a dream within IT … none of it is real. Only YOU ‘as’ the ONE SELF is Real. The dream is open-ended with no possibilities missing - anything is possible within it, including a long and arduous so-called path to some made-up heavenly realm set aside for only ‘some’ and taking endless steps to achieve. The only thing that ‘seems’ to stand in the way of the full Awareness of the ONE SELF You Are is your belief that you are not IT - NOW. That belief is composed of ‘conditioning’. Dissolve the conditioning … and YOU remember YOU.

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