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When one has truly stepped ‘off’ the stage of dreams, even though they still have much conditioning to dissolve before total Freedom, they are sitting in the audience in the theater of dreams ‘observing’ what is NOT real. In the early days [in clock time] of being an observer of illusions, there is a tendency to continue ‘judging’ the dream as they did ‘on’ the stage as a deep sleeper. This dramatically reduces the ‘triggers’ that can show up from the mirror or your world. These triggers are a blessing and what ‘point’ you toward ‘who you are NOT’, thereby helping you to dissolve the conditioning that has you trapped ‘in’ the dream.

In these tremendously active days and weeks and months of ‘spikes’ in the SHIFT that we are now experiencing it is of great value to remain totally OPEN, allowing yourself to ‘be’ triggered by whatever is there to help you with this one and only important quest … exposing the false self so that it will withdraw from the stage and ‘reveal’ the ever-Present REAL You [SELF] ‘to’ You.


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