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Deep sleepers do not become aroused into wakefulness without a strong stimulus. For most, that incentive to ‘wake-up’ is usually through suffering and even then it may take intense pain in one or more forms before that SHIFT occurs. This is what is occurring now throughout the world and particularly [at the moment] in America. If you step beyond the dramatic stories that are unfolding, which are the scenes of a grand play of conditioning as they manifest … and FEEL into the interaction of dark and light, you may glimpse the magnificent panorama of Truth that is taking place.

This is happening macro-cosmically throughout humanity as well as micro-cosmically in each one’s life experience. As much as is possible, if you observe from a distance [as in a theater], this dance of New Life, the SHIFT will be easier to endure and the Voice of Silence that is your True SELF will be heard with clarity.

Just step back, breath and observe and you will see the miracle that is happening.


An AMAZON #1 New Release in 45-Minute Self-Help Short Reads - by John McIntosh

“MASS AWAKENING - What’s Really Happening - 2020 - 30 minute Synopsis”

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