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Karma cannot be worked off. Karma ‘is’ conditioning, which can be ‘colored and moulded’ into different conditioning or ‘balanced’ through conditioning which is in opposition to it [so called good or bad karma], but there is no spiritual or mental gymnastic that can ‘work it off’. Because conditioning can be ‘changed’ it is an aspect of time and space, which in turn is an aspect of separation. That which is changeable and bound by time and space is an illusion … ‘Reality’ is unalterable and has no beginning or end.

That which is NOT real CAN be ‘exposed’ through the mirror of your world, which occurs through things and experiences that ‘trigger’ you [gets your attention]. No amount of so-called ‘working on yourself’ can do anything more than ‘shift’ these ‘conditioned’ manifestations into ‘different’ illusions because there ‘is’ no Real ‘self’ called ‘me’ to work on … that is the first illusion [a personal body-mind-identity], from which ALL illusions [your unique world-universe] manifests. This illusory or ‘false’ identity must be destroyed [die] for the Real ‘ever-Present’ YOU to be revealed. This occurs through Self Inquiry - the direct route, which allows you [the Real YOU] to ‘step off the wheel of karma’ altogether.

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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