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Most belief systems, whether religious or spiritual, have ‘shrouded’ Truth in layer upon layer of mystery. The simplicity imparted by ‘the few’ who became so-called Free or Aware has been filtered through a plethora of misinterpretations, erroneous translations and the inevitable conditioning of the false self or ‘mind’, laden as it is with attachments, expectations and identifications. These mysteries have also allowed the unscrupulous to ‘control’ the masses by placing ‘intermediaries’ between them and the ‘source’, called by many names depending on which belief.

“Peace, be still and know the I AM, that is God within” simply means … when this ‘mind-filter’ is removed [or stilled], the ever-Present Truth … the ONE SELF You Really Are, becomes ‘self-evident’ – SIMPLE! It ‘really’ IS that simple. Dissolve this conditioning and the Real YOU is revealed to IT SELF. However, one must want Real Freedom more than ‘air’ before this pathless-path opens up to them.

-image by Solveig Larsen

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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