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The Grand Dream is an unbroken stream of stories wrapped in drama. To the false self, the wider the arc of this pendulum the better. The false self lives in perpetual fear and insecurity of ‘what’s next?’ and yet like a moth to the flame craves the excitement of it. This pale impostor masquerading as YOU is a lifeless mannequin that must have the highs and lows in order to somehow ‘feel’ alive and accepts the deep sorrows that inevitably come with the momentary crescendos of the ‘world of contrasts’ inherent in the dream of separation.

It is the constant climaxing friction of opposites that eventually grinds down the gears of desire and brings each one to their knees where they can no longer ‘trip’ on the dream. This first humble and somewhat more ‘still’ position allows them to hear the ‘voice of silence’ … Whose gentle but persistent ‘call’ HOME never ceases.

The stories still perform enticing and seductive dances but worn by lifetimes of playing in the field of dreams the Sleeping Beauty YOU Are has been aroused and will NOT go back to sleep. The end of illusions Now grows near as the curtain begins to close on the stage of dreams..

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