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Updated: Feb 13, 2019


When you enter the Awakened state, you are on your way to Ascension, which is full Conscious Awareness of Who You Really Are and at that point the false self’s tactics to maintain its identity as who you believe you are becomes very subtle since it ‘has’ been exposed. It becomes your best friend and proclaims itself as you - Awakened, suggesting through that new identity badge that you are now somehow Free … even ‘subtly exalted’ in some special way and this can be an insidious and almost invisible kind of arrogance that presents itself through this new-found spiritual Awareness.

Another red flag is ‘savior conditioning’ that often affects the newly Awakened seeker involving ‘causes’. What the now yawning-awakened one cannot see is that the world cannot be fixed … because it’s a dream, which ‘can’ be ‘rearranged’ … but can never become Reality. *Nevertheless, if when you filter this through the lens of Joy it ‘feels right’ … then for ‘now’ this is part of your destiny since this too ‘eventually’ leads inward.

What the Truly Free one experiences while living IN the grand dream but not OF it is the Light of Love and Beauty that flows within the veins of ‘all’ temporary projections that constantly come and go within the illusion of the grand dream. This cannot be believed into or thought into one’s experience … you must BE Truly Free to recognize this. It’s not an intellectual experience, it’s a state of Being. It is in the intermediary ‘Awakened phase’ that you must be extra vigilant and ruthlessly authentic to make the final leap to Freedom.

Excerpt from the New book by John McIntosh: “LIFE” - The Descent from and Ascent to the Awareness of Who You Really Are

Image by Solveig Larsen

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