Success in the eyes of the false self is material including wealth, knowledge, status and influence. To the God-SELF this is ignorance who knows that ‘of yourself you are nothing’, since the body-mind-identity is a bundle of illusory conditioning ‘acting-out’ in a world it made-up. Failure, using this yardstick, is a very useful experience to initiate humility and in humility – inner vision ‘may’ be experienced.

For some time, humility is usually experienced as hopelessness and helplessness … what the false self calls lack of self esteem or low self worth. This concept keeps the mind in the ‘loop’ which believes it is a separate entity called ‘you’. However, eventually humility transcends the mere ‘play’ of the false self’s belief in opposites [success and failure] and descends [actually it is ascending] into the surrender ‘of’ the personal identity no matter what its current worldly status may be.