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Updated: Feb 13, 2019


The seduction of the grand dream is so intense that for most ‘shock’ is required to break the imprisoned God-SELF free enough to recognize that the life they have been living may NOT be real. This is why ‘suffering’ is such a bitter-sweet blessing that eventually humbles the arrogant shield that hides the deep fear the false self always carries. ‘Living’ with simple pain-oriented-suffering has been woven into the fabric of illusions subtly as ‘normal’ and as a result, this further prolongs the long night of dreaming.

All manner of justifications have cloaked the chaos and conflict of the dysfunctional dream world ‘with’ credibility. Cause and effect, karma, righteousness, justice and retribution are among the reasons the sleeping collective consciousness assigns to the imbalanced life of pain-suffering the false self endures. In order to ‘shake’ this delusion from its roots, ‘full-blown and ‘concentrated’ suffering must be experienced. When finally, the false self’s hold over the constricted God-SELF is broken … even temporarily, sufficient Awareness arises that suffering may NOT be necessary, and Attention slowly turns toward ‘surrender’ to ‘What Is’ … which leads inevitably to Self Realization.

As this shift in Awareness happens, pain will remain as long as Consciousness occupies a body, but suffering departs along with the illusion of victim-hood based on the belief in separation.

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