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Most would agree that the world experienced ‘out there’ is superficial and that much of what is experienced is cloaked in layers of falseness. Such is the nature of the Grand Dream laden with fear as it is. However, when one enters the spiritual life there is a subtle expectation of Truth or at least less ‘camouflage’ hiding what is Real. Nevertheless, what conditioning one ‘brings’ into new experiences continues to color that experience so that what shows up is the same thing lit with softer lights. 

You always manifest your own experiences based on your unique conditioning. Your world, whether full on dreaming or slightly skewed by spiritual environments, is an exact representation of ‘who’ you believe you are’. This is why eventually all so called ‘paths’ eventually lead to Self Inquiry/Surrender and the desolation of the false self, behind which the Real YOU resides. This is not the spirituality offered by most of the world, which is promised to be bright and rosy and bliss-filled … it is ‘standing in the fire of who you are NOT’ that reveals the God You Are - the SELF.

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