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As you sink deeper and deeper into the Heart [the God-SELF] IT/YOU expands out of ITs ancient slumber and into the Awareness of Who IT/YOU Really Are. Who is doing this sinking? It is the God-SELF [cloaked in conditioning] merging with IT SELF. Your surrender makes this possible. The false self ‘never’ does anything Real. As this occurs [as it is now for many everywhere] … their world is becoming increasingly ‘surreal’. While describing the Truth is impossible, since it is ‘infinite’ … some symptoms ‘point’ to this growing experience. 

For example, buildings, streets, traffic lights, cars, planes, lights, noises, over heard conversations and activity in general begin to ‘feel’ like commotion you are witnessing on a stage … a stage you are also standing on. On the other hand, Nature becomes more ‘sensual’ at a deeper level since IT does not resist Truth. Natural aromas and music become more palpable – intense yet soft. Your senses exist beyond the body-mind on more subtle echelons and begin to replace the ‘heavier’ experiences of the body. 

There are many more symptoms but the primary experience of the world ‘as a dream’ expands and this includes the presence of the body YOU, as Consciousness are wearing like a ‘prop’ on the stage of dreams. Consciousness is revealed more and more as the body-mind-identity [person-hood] fades. Beyond everything, the effortless feeling of Oneness … of Love for All That Is becomes a more frequent companion. 


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