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When you speak to God, whether you believe IT is Who YOU Really Are or not, there is usually a tendency to ‘explain’ the circumstances around which the prayer is centered. This is often expanded upon by the details of ‘how’ you would like things to change [in your opinion] … for the better.

The ‘only’ communication that ever needs to be made with the SELF [the God YOU Are] is: “They will be done”. This indicates ‘total surrender’ to IT on your part and that you believe [or Know if you are Free] that IT knows what the perfect outcome of the situation is. For example, a life-threatening illness in a loved one may be the ‘exact’ experience they require in the moment to bring their ‘attention’ inward toward the Truth. In this case your “Thy will be done” might be followed by “If it be thy will, may they be granted the strength to endure and experience the True Purpose of this experience”.

The less you add, the more you are ‘out of the way’ of what is Perfect. It is your unfettered extension of the Love YOU Are that illustrates your ‘unicity’ with the loved one and blends seamlessly with their True Purpose.

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