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The symbolism of ‘the’ crucifixion has been misunderstood for centuries, promoted by those in authority who would use its ‘potent’ image to control billions. Such is the case with many spiritual symbols from different belief systems. Iconic symbols hold a story behind them much like an internet symbols hold an ocean of information behind it and this information serves as a prison or … a key to release.

The cross and the image hanging on the cross simply means the death of the false self [ego], which is a prerequisite for the ‘revealing’ of Who YOU Really Are – the ONE SELF [by any name]. This death occurs when the ‘conditioning’ that circumscribes this false ‘you’ has been dissolved. This is accomplished either through deep unswerving ‘devotion’ [Surrender] TO the ONE SELF or through Self Inquiry [Who am I] … both are preferable. All disciplines eventually dovetail into these two simple [but not easy] routes.

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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