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When the Grand Dream ‘Shifts’ in a significant way … as it is now, there are many symptoms that illustrate that a new phase of the dream is occurring. None of these Shifts means that one, or many are going to suddenly become enlightened [that is, that they will miraculously remember they ‘are’ already enlightened] … it simply means that greater opportunities are arising for the required ‘inner-work’ to take place.

Increased pain and suffering accentuated by fear usually accompanies these symptoms since this is the most poignant influence that brings most heavy sleepers to their knees in surrender to the SELF They Are. Nevertheless, ‘openings’ for the Light of Truth to shine more brightly also occur as is evidenced by the cloistered environment that is ‘slowing down’ the world. While the deeper value of Silence will not be obvious to most, it allows the distractive influence of our current society’s extremely ‘busy’ behaviour to ‘take a break’. For many … this will open them up to the more subtle influences that Stillness brings and that inevitably brings with it the possibility of higher Awareness.

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