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In This New Energy, manifestation ‘can’ be virtually instantaneous. If you are still living in the world of the body-mind-identity then the challenges from these manifestations will be increasingly painful. If you have said YES to Truth and are willing to stand in the fire of who you are NOT, synchronicities will occur which ‘steer you clear’ of dysfunctional manifestations because Truth is always in Balance. This can create what ‘feel’ like ‘pockets of nothing happening’.

Challenges that Trigger your Attention toward any ‘conditioning’ that is ready to be transformed WILL still show up but everything will FEEL ‘harmonic’ during these storms. The ‘Think and Grow Rich’ concept of the old energy will be exchanged for ‘FEEL and become AWARE of the Abundance you Are’ … as will the ‘Law of Attraction’, which validates the error of separation suggesting that there are things ‘outside’ Who You Are as ONE, will be replaced by this same Awareness.

You ARE ‘All That Is’ … nothing is outside You to ‘Attract’ nor to make you richer than you Now Are. Awareness is what changes and in that, whatever is Perfect specifically for you to manifest ‘within’ your experiences – appears on the screen of consciousness effortlessly as a holographic representation of Life Lived in Perfect harmony with It Self.

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