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The Great SHIFT continues to unfold rapidly as the collapse of the dysfunctional patriarchy continues to merge with a cycle of Balance. What has been imbalanced for thousands of years is becoming clearly visible during this ‘transition’ and what was largely hidden beneath the surface of Awareness now stands naked for all to witness. The mirror of each one’s ‘unique’ world is reflecting ‘precisely’ the disruptive conditioning within that has held them in its grasp since the ‘fall of consciousness’ below the Awareness of the God [SELF] They Are.

This is a blessed moment where the Grand Dream erupts in dramatic story after story so that those who ‘choose’ may easily recognize from where the chaos, confusion and conflict arises … within. The discord that happens on the holographic screen of consciousness occurs in ‘exact’ proportion to one’s own conditioning and there is no more auspicious moment than when one turns the finger of discontent ‘inside’ and recognizes the architect of their world [all of it] is of their own design.

Welcome these inevitable SHIFTS, which occur so that this Awareness becomes your own. This ‘inner vision’ occurs on the knees of humility and vulnerability where the Heart is Open allowing the Light of Truth [Who YOU Are] to become easily recognizable. Here … the Peace that exists within the darkest moments is apparent as ‘always’ Present. You have been dreaming and are being ‘shaken awake’. TAKE HEART.


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