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Imagine you are standing on a bridge … call it the bridge of Love, and you are harnessed into bungee jumping gear. The mechanism is flawless and cannot be broken as the harness is actually like a tether of Love. You have chosen this experience voluntarily. You take one last look around, peer over the shoulder of the bridge into the bottomless chasm below … and jump. With this plunge you have some small concept of what to expect but it is largely an ‘unknown’ and as you free-fall from the bridge of Love, you simply Trust.

Below are all manner of fearful illusory hazards - rocks, obstacles and dangerous impediments that become more and more real as you descend. You forget the Love Tether and its unbreakable One-ness with the bridge of Love that You Really Are and gradually lose Awareness of your inevitable return to the bridge. The darkness of the unknown into which you have descended ‘as’ the Love You Are becomes your temporary reality with fear your constant companion.

Then comes the end of the descent and the tether of Love reaches the ‘still-point’ between descent and ascent where a naked emptiness encompasses your Being. All is quiet as you ‘recognize’ the dream you have played within for a brief moment that seemed an eternity. Swiftly then, the Love tether draws you back into the arms of Truth and your dream journey into darkness ends, but the Love you took with you remains behind to ‘lighten’ the dream for those who still sleep.

-image by Solveig Larsen

Reprinted from article #10 - sent from our Retreat at the Forest in the Sky - Flamingo Dai Lai Resort in Vietnam October 16th, 2019


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