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‘you’ don’t ascend, grow, improve or evolve. ‘you’ don’t ‘DO’ anything that is ‘real’. The body-mind-identity that seems to represent an individual called ‘me’ does NOT exist – except in a dream. YOU are dreaming. YOU [the Real YOU] is the ONE SELF who currently slumbers under the individual disguise and dreams an entire and unique universe into an illusory existence each time IT awakens from night-time dreaming. These two dreams are no different – just shorter or longer but believed to be real when they are playing out.

Every ‘thing’ that seems to happen in these dreams is ‘real’ … only insofar as they are dreams, but in reality is just a projection on the screen of Consciousness. This little ‘you’ [false self] may conquer untold worlds or sink into abject obscurity in each dream but neither is actually happening no matter how dramatic, fantastic, ugly or altruistic they seemed to be. Nevertheless, the allure of these dreams is extremely seductive, and the false self ‘desperately’ wants to believe it is ‘getting somewhere’ … it isn’t!

This is why Emptiness is so often emphasized as a name for Freedom or Awareness of Truth. The Real YOU is ‘Nothing’ – with infinite potential. With all your seeking – this is the Absolute found to be ever-Present when you ‘stop’ seeking and are Empty.

YOU ARE GOD: It's Time To Shine

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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