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An ‘Update’ on the status of the current ‘dream’ scenario.

In times of profound change such as now, the SHIFT into an era of Light and Peace, a dark and shadowy pall hangs over what is leaving, the last era, blending its foul odour with the Divine fragrance of what is emerging. Separating these two very different stories can be daunting to say the least. A sea of mis-information seems to dress each new chapter of the NEW and it can be exhausting dealing with the constant swing of feelings as hope is followed by disappointment and so-called credible ‘intel’ leads over and over again to disillusionment. The weight of it can be crushing and most definitely debilitating in a multitude of ways. It’s easy to fall into morose moments of depression no matter how lofty your focus may have been before the massive changes began.

Notwithstanding, there is an end to it, an end to the confusion as the New Era expands across the horizon, swallowing the darkness. For those who follow these changes as the new global ‘story’ takes form [in the dream it is], the under belly of society’s engine – money – has dropped its flimsy foundations called fiat [money that has ‘value’ simply because someone says it does – nothing more]. This has been almost universally replaced with gold or other hard assets. This means that those who have controlled the dream for the last 120 years [some call the Deep State] have been cut off at the knees together with every tentacle that has infiltrated every aspect of the world most call reality.

When the foot has been taken off the accelerator a car will coast a while until its forward momentum ceases. This is what is happening right now as the effects of the flow of endless phony money printing has been cut off. Every nefarious enterprise from child trafficking [which has been a ‘real’ epidemic] to the depopulation agenda [no less pervasive], and a maze of other dastardly activities the public is only now getting a whiff of … is now coming to a halt. The Light emanating from the New Era will soon redistribute abundance to a world literally on its last legs. Many will not see that new world having succumbed to the ‘jab’ but those who remain will soon experience a dream-world that could scarcely be imagined … an ecstatic world that will swallow the agony of recent years completely in the benevolent rays of a NEW dawn.

Hang on … this NEW dream beckons just around the corner.

-image by Solveig Larsen

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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