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Rarely does a gentle kiss serve to awaken the deep unconsciousness of the ‘sleeping beauty’ SELF. Usually loud clattering noises, earth quakes and being shaken like a rag-doll over and over again is required before the first yawn occurs … so deep is ITs sleep. The ‘witch’ of separation pierced the SELF’s Perfect Awareness with the seductive world of contrast, which took the SELF on a downward spiral into the illusory world of time and space where wonderful fantasies awaited to entice ITs Pristine Beauty into deeper and deeper unawareness of Truth.

The offered kiss is rarely accepted initially by the sleeping God YOU Are due to the iron-like grasp of hardened habits, played over and over again for eons trapping you on a loop like a movie that repeats endlessly. The Beauty YOU Are must be totally satiated by this grand illusion before ITs frustration becomes enough for the ‘easy-way’ of the kiss to be accepted.

The kiss is your YES to What Is, your unconditional ‘surrender’ to the Silent Voice of Truth that tugs at your Awareness by sending you a myriad of triggers designed to take you into the tangled web of conditioning that forged the phantom-chains binding you to time and space. Your vigilant acceptance of these triggers as your ‘friends’, there to take you Home, facilitates the rapid release from your ancient sleep.

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