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“Be the best version of you” is a well-known inspiration that emanates from the false self … but there ‘are’ no versions of the Real YOU. YOU are ‘always’ Perfect, unchangeable … the individuated [yet ONE] God-SELF. The false self is an illusion made-up of conditioning manifested as a body-mind-identity … and what is NOT real cannot be improved. The ‘appearance’ of this fabricated identity shifts and changes from moment to moment and ‘can’ indeed make such profound alterations that it can scarcely be recognized from the ‘before-and-after-person’ make-overs the self development industry touts and teaches.

The question to ask is, ‘of what value does this have?’ The only real value of anything ever is:

‘Does this or that lead you ‘inside’ toward Truth?’

-image by Solveig Larsen

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