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John McIntosh

Who is this ‘you’ that can be improved?

Confidence, positive mental attitude, self worth/esteem, growing, getting better, improving, overcoming, affirming, projecting dreams, imagining and many other concepts are oriented to ‘being the best you can be’. But ‘who’ is this ‘you’ that can somehow get better? It is the body-mind-identity most people believe is ‘who’ they are, and huge industries have sprung up to accommodate this illusion of ‘making (you) better’. Other industries have come into being to ‘warn’ you that your life will not be very happy or successful ‘unless’ you continually work on this ‘you’. This fear shows up everywhere in the media, online, in gossip columns, in education and in all societal belief systems and billions are ‘controlled’ by this delusional advice.

None of it is True.

The Real YOU is Perfect. It is Pure Conscious Awareness, God-SELF, I AM. It was never born and cannot die. Whatever costume IT/YOU temporarily wears during YOUR brief sojourn in a physical body cannot in any way ‘touch’ the pristine Presence You Are. It is your vigilant ‘Attention’ on this Truth that radiates Joy to your world experience despite the roller coaster of happiness and sorrow the body-mind-identity may be flowing through at any given moment.

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