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Consider the amount of attention the body receives:

-How does my hair look?

-That dress makes me look fat.

-This food is not good for me [my body].

-I am feeling a little bit feverish [my body].

… its an endless list of ‘body’ attention references that expand one’s connection ‘to’ and belief ‘in’ the body as who you are when combined with your mind to ‘make up’ the fiction of a person called ‘me’.

As long as the belief exists that you are a body-mind-person … you WILL suffer.

This is the hidden-in-plain-sight ‘illusory’ evidence that separation is real and ONE-ness is just a nice idea … and, virtually ‘all’ of humanity is ‘trapped’ in this subtle snare. The instant release from this invisible prison is ‘non-attachment/identification’ with the body-mind-identity. When you place your Attention on YOU as the ONE SELF … and keep it there, this ‘instrument’ you use to navigate within the Grand Dream ceases to molest you and is replaced as the ‘servant’ to the SELF it really is.

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