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‘I’ can do nothing.

‘I’ know nothing.

‘I’, of myself, am nothing.

These references are True as they refer to the ‘person’ most believe they are. For most of humanity this solid, tangible body-mind-identity called ‘me’ is completely and casually accepted as who one is … this is why the Truth that it is NOT real is so difficult to comprehend. As one approaches the inner work this single impediment to ‘immediate’ Freedom is often spoken of as: “I am getting better”, “I am growing”, “I am evolving”, “I am improving”, “I am getting closer and closer to Truth” … etc. The false self clings tenaciously to this ‘me – I’ identity-existence with these kinds of encouraging ‘time-oriented’ statements, which reinforces the belief in separation. In this way it delays its own demise.

YOU are Free NOW and NOT in a dream of time and space - evolving ‘into’ Freedom. To say: “I AM Freedom [not Free … but Freedom]” is absolute Truth and despite the inevitable strong protests of the false self that you are NOT … your simple and consistent focus on this EXPANDS your experience ‘of’ it.

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