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Updated: Feb 13, 2019


Whatever highlights the body or mind expands the illusion that they are ‘real’. Everyone is familiar with the celebration of the body when it is beautiful, seductive and highly desirable. However, as spirituality in general becomes more and more popular there is an increasing shift from the ‘obvious exploitation’ of body-beauty in the media toward the more ‘subtle glorification’ of a perfect body as it relates to ‘spirituality’. This trades one delusion for another.

The same is true for the enormous archive of often complicated spiritual information pouring out of intellectuals. The question to ask is, “Does this ‘feel’ Joyful, Peaceful and full of Light?” Humility is an aspect of Open-ness and leads inevitably to the simple ‘knowing’ that to be consciously Aware of Who You Really Are … ‘you’ [the person or body-mind-identity] MUST disappear.

“At a given time you will realize that your ‘glory’ begins where the person ends.” – Ramana.

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