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The Divine Masculine, having reached the pinnacle of its dysfunction, is now balancing with the Divine Feminine. When an era ends as this one is, chaos ‘temporarily’ blends with ‘intense fear’.

In the early days of these Shifts [in clock time] the enemy you ‘know’ is preferable to the Unknown for the bulk of humanity who still slumbers in the Grand Dream. Structures that have become familiar, despite the enormous imbalance that a decaying patriarchy engenders, are held-onto desperately. Ancient chains have become ‘security blankets’ while defining the boundaries of the limitation and littleness that the false self has come to accept as its reality.

For a brief season this conflict is like a raging blaze, the ‘last gasp’ of a dying regime playing out on the world stage in a multitude of do-or-die stories and dramas. It has always been this way in the repeating cycles within the great illusion of separation, each one offering end-of-the-line opportunities for the ‘turn within’ toward Truth. There ‘are’ no good guys or bad guys … only the ONE God You Are, dressed in elaborate costumes that seem to take sides attempting to make what is ‘indivisible’ - separate.

And in that dying breath, as the illusory-separate-self clutches the last vestiges of the paper-tiger it has embraced as itself, fear finally collapses into an open handed surrender at the door of Freedom.

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