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The world-dream most have called reality since the fall of Consciousness into the illusion of separation … is indeed ‘collapsing’. Everywhere you look, even through the highly filtered media systems, evidence is appearing that structures that have seemed to be rock solid aspects of the foundation of the global society … ‘are’ falling away. This has been going on in many ways for decades as the dysfunctional patriarchy SHIFTS into a 2000 year phase of relative balance – an era of Light and Peace.

However, what is occurring now is ‘massive’ and ‘overt’ in stark contrast to the subtle transition from the oppressive tyranny of the ending masculine era, into a harmony of opposites. No one can miss this GREAT SHIFT both on the world stage and in their own individual lives. It can be [and is] very disconcerting and even terrifying for many, but the transition is benign and filled with the Light of expanding Awareness ‘potential’.

Embrace this challenging phase … it is clearing away the debris of centuries allowing for a renewal that ALL will find beneficial at their level of Awareness. Be assured that what is happening is filled with LOVE.

“THE AFTERMATH”: The SHIFT into an Era of Peace and Light

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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