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For 7+ years in my articles and 25+ years in my books I have ‘pointed’ to “what is NOT Truth”. Truth cannot be taught or explained since IT is ‘infinite’ and cannot be placed in a frame but it ‘can’ be ‘revealed’ by dissolving that which is NOT True – ‘conditioning’.

What is NOT True may be compared to clouds that obscure the sun or ONE SELF You Really Are. When these clouds have been dissolved the ONE SELF ‘remembers’ or becomes ‘fully Aware of’ Who IT Really ‘IS’.

The manifested conditioning [clouds] is represented by the universe and ‘all’ that is within it, and the ONE SELF YOU Are slumbers [dreams] ‘in and of’ it while it experiences ITs ‘infinite’ potential. One such dream is the current SHIFT into an era [a repeating phenomena] of Peace and Light … which may be referred to as a ‘Happy Dream’ where the endless ‘opposites’ born of the belief in separation, come into a relative ‘balance’.

This SHIFT is expanding exponentially as the dysfunctional patriarchy [known by some as the deep state, cabal, elites, illuminati, etc.] - dissolves. The first ‘visible’ sign of this is the collapse of the financial system that kept humanity enslaved in one way or another for thousands of years. There are many other aspects of their tyrannical rule that are collapsing but are less obvious … as yet.

Be ‘assured’, that what is unfolding in this financial aspect of the ONE SELF’s Grand Dream is part of the Happy Dream that is now coming into manifestation. Soon most will begin to hear a term called NESARA/GESARA or …

National/Global Economic Security and Reformation Act.

It has 20 components and many sub-components and it will level the playing field for all of humanity in the areas of food, clothing, shelter, financial security and health. [If you wish a summary of its basic parts, please message me and I will send it to you].

This article focuses only on the current global chaos now occurring, which is a necessary aspect of the collapse of the tyrannical systems that have controlled humanity [mostly invisibly].


At the moment [Spring of 2023] much of the global banking industry is melting down and many are deeply frightened. Fear NOT! What is ending is what is called the ‘fiat’ currency system. This means currency that has ‘value’ simply because some so-called ‘authority’ SAYS it has value … not because it is supported by anything. For example, when a bank receives a deposit [say $1,000] it is allowed to ‘loan’ out many times that amount [often 8-9 times or more] of money that DOES NOT EXIST. Multiply this times many hundreds of millions of transactions [some very, very large] and there exists a gigantic bubble of fiat – nothing-ness. ‘THIS’ is what is collapsing.

Recently certain banking rules came to fruition [part of Nesara/Gesara] that required banks to ‘hold’ a certain amount of REAL assets [usually gold] to ‘back up’ the amount of currency they had on their books … and as can be seen, many banks [some enormous entities] who cannot ‘comply’, at this very moment are closing their doors. These institutions are owned by these deep state [dysfunctional patriarchal] players and along with these collapsing houses of cards are affiliated businesses, investment markets and entire economies.

What remains are those institutions that ‘are’ compliant and represent what will be the foundation of the Nesara/Gesara system that will ‘help’ change the world-dream into a Happy Dream. Far more could be added to this brief ‘overview’ but it has always been my way to POINT in the simplest way possible. Suffice it to say, humanity is SHIFTING quickly [in dream time] into a Glorious Era. You may be satisfied with this new phase of the Grand Dream or ‘use it’ to dive deeper into the Heart where True Peace/Freedom can be discovered. There is no right or wrong in this regard.

-image by Solveig Larsen

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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