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Updated: Jul 29, 2022


The false self, ego, devil, Vāsanās, evil or conditioning ALL mean the same thing. They are the ‘bundle’ of ‘tendencies’ that together MAKE UP the body-mind-identity as well as the world-universe dream. This manifest based on the belief in separation, which states that everything is an individual entity or circumstance rather than the ONE WHOLE or SELF – Who You Really Are. These tendencies are ‘owned’ as the ‘me’ that most believe they are, or they are ‘projected out-there’ onto so-called ‘others’ or circumstances. Neither is True since they are only illusory aspects of a Grand Dream.

When this finger-pointing occurs, responsibility for ‘What Is’ is assigned to so-called ‘others’, luck/chance/coincidence [good or bad], or God [by any name – again, good or bad]. This too is NOT true. One’s entire dream experience is uniquely their own, sculpted out of their ‘tendencies’ that the sleeping God-SELF has acquired through eons of lifetimes dreams within the Grand Dream.

The remedy is simple but NOT easy … dissolve the tendencies [conditioning] and what remains is the ever-Present Real YOU, which is Love, Freedom, Joy, Abundance and Peace … not what you have but Who YOU Are.

YOU ARE GOD: It's Time To Shine

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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