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For many, the long and arduous way of the mind [false self], is taken through the endless labyrinth of its scheming to overcome the world, before the inevitable fall to ones knees occurs. For others the path of religious beliefs leads them to the threshold of a deeper ‘inner search’. Still others choose a metaphysical path that draws the weary wanderer to the door-less door that was never closed. It matters not what brings one to the awareness that there ‘is’ no distance to the Truth They already Are … hidden by nothing more than a feather conjured by the illusion of individuality. Eventually, all are led to ask the question: “Who am I” through the pathless-path of Self Inquiry.

In that persistent inquiry the sublime moment ‘will’ arrive when it dawns upon the sleeping Giant that what you have been looking for ‘out there’ in the dream of separation - is Who You have always been. Still … the veils that have blinded You with paper chains to Your Grandeur must dissolve and inquiry continues until they are. Nevertheless, that moment of revelation gives you the endurance to persist until your momentary awareness becomes an unbroken ‘Knowing’.

-image by Solveig Larsen

“THE GREAT SHIFT ‘explained”- The World You Have Known Is Collapsing. Here Is Why It’s a GIFT

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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