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Updated: Feb 3, 2020


When something is not working … other ways and means are ‘eventually’ tried. The last challenge of this kind is the mind. The mind in its current role, is the false self, the mechanism manifested from your conditioning and designed to look ‘out there’ due to the belief in separation, rather than ‘inside’ toward ONE-ness. What it looks at is the ‘result’ of this very same conditioning [expectations, attachments, identifications tied to memory and imagination] in the illusory form of your own unique dream world.

Eventually, the mind becomes so frustrated with its lack of ability to ‘control’ this dream world of conflict and chaos that it becomes exhausted and the manipulation of your Life is released … back to the perfect guidance of the Heart, which has been in a long, deep slumber for eons. The Real YOU [the SELF] is re-gains more and more of ITs original Divine Sovereignty as this conditioning is transformed back into nothing-ness … and, the ‘personal identity’, destined as it is for annihilation, is dissolved along with the tyranny of the mind that has defined it.

From then on “thoughts flow ‘only’ with the consent of the Heart”.

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