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There is a tireless ‘call’ emanating from the ‘ONE’ You Are to ITs slumbering counterpart wrapped in layers of disguises as it is, and deeply immersed in the dream of separation. This call is like a sliver under the skin that cannot be extracted and exerts an unbroken influence on the Sleeping Beauty you have been for eons. This is the Divine Discontent, the thorn in the side that offers you a constant reminder that the part you are playing is NOT who you are.

It floats on the shifting winds of illusion, the Light that shines in your darkest moments. It dances almost unnoticed in the wings of your greatest achievements, sounding the essence of Truth beyond any temporary glamor that has captured your attention. It surrounds you silently in the noise of the world’s ‘oh so important’ dramas and stories. It is the hand of Grace that touches you lightly in the many anxious moments of your deepest fears and doubts. And, it is the persistent voice that echoes unceasingly in your inner ear, “there ‘is’ a better way … this is NOT who you are”.

Never for a moment have you been lost, no matter how dark or deep the dream has taken you. The Love You Are has gone nowhere in ITs boundlessness … IT watches and waits for the tiniest crack in your resolve to sleep on, then floods your Heart with the Awareness of IT SELF. You know this … you have felt this … welcome IT to stay.

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