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Within the Grand Dream most call Life, are numberless constantly shifting and changing dreams. You as Consciousness [God, ONE, I AM, SELF] experience all of them, despite the unreality of them, as temporary projections on the screen of Being … and this is the ‘purpose of the dream’, which allows YOU to know YOU. Woven within this endless tapestry is a Divine Discontent, which is at first experienced as suffering since that is the most potent form of ‘attention getting’.

When you [anyone] are on your knees you are less distracted by the swirling kaleidoscope of seductive illusions that make up the dream and more OPEN to the ‘Voice of Silence’ You Are. Once you arrive at the line in the sand where you have had enough of these fiery experiences, you turn permanently ‘within’ toward the Unknown where Truth lies, and at this point your unique dream ‘bends’ and offers you innumerable opportunities called synchronicities for the ‘expansion’ of your Awareness of Truth, which is your only Real identity.

As this experience deepens, it ‘quickens’ and the slope becomes steeper as the conditioning that used to define the false self you believed you were falls away, influenced by the intense Light [You Are] that becomes more and more of your experience. Soon, there ‘is’ nothing but this Light and everything within the Grand Dream is then witnessed as the reflection of the God You Are. This is the paradise the false self spoke about and tried to turn the Life it knew into … but never could.

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Your daily reflections bring me closer to my truth everyday! Forever grateful! I am that I am!

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