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For many, the dream most call reality is ‘fading’, becoming more and more surreal like looking through the ‘long viewing side’ of a telescope. Things that once mattered, seeming ‘so’ important, no longer capture their attention. They find themselves falling into subtle moments where time collapses. Simple things become sources of great joy and smiling often arises for no reason. The anxieties that used to drain energy fall away like wisps of fog as the future dissolves into now … and none of this results from ‘thinking’ it into one’s experience … it just happens.

These last 3 years have brought many to their knees and now, as humanity enters another festive season, for many the tinsel and glamor of temporary things fails to distract as the simplicity of living between the lines of routine slips silently into innocent moment to moment spontaneity.

A great ‘unknown’ beckons, offering the nurturing embrace of a mother’s love. Allow yourself to fall into this expanding awareness and ‘know’ that ALL IS WELL.

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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