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Updated: Jan 14, 2020


When one is ‘ready’ for Freedom [the full Awareness of Who They Really Are – beyond just a mind acceptance of the idea], they may still require some ‘coaxing’ to leave the jail cell they have become so used to calling home. ‘chronic discomfort’ can become a kind of comfortable ‘known’ while Freedom is usually a complete ‘Unknown’ when first approached ‘seriously’ … it is “the devil you know” you cling to. This is a moment [which may or may not be very long in clock time], and can be called a ‘void’ like a windless state in the sails where you cannot go back or forward and waffle slightly between the two.

Often one needs a ‘jolt’ to take them over the threshold into the fresh air and ‘lightness’ of total surrender to Truth. This can come as an ‘epiphany or satori’ [most have many before total surrender occurs] or a ‘breakdown situation’ such as a profound loss before they finally go to their knees, never to rise again to the arrogance of the false self. This is the NO MATTER WHAT choice … few as yet have made. It makes Freedom the number one priority, over-riding everything and anything in their life.


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