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The false self [body-mind-identity (person called ‘me’)] fears being exposed as the fraudulent, limited, and separated individual it believes it is, and it will go to extreme lengths to hide or mask its so-called frailties. Most of these delusions have been suppressed for lifetimes [dream lives] and are by now deeply buried beyond conscious awareness … so much so that the elaborate ‘defensive’ gymnastics it uses to ‘run, distract and sedate’ [hide] are almost invisible to it. This is often called ‘The elephant in the room’ – conditioning that is ‘so’ obvious yet never spoken about. The stress-effect these constructive tendencies foster causes all manner of ‘dis-ease’.

Nevertheless, everything ‘is’ orchestrated to bring one to their knees in surrender ‘to’ the ONE SELF YOU Really Are and for most it initially requires extreme suffering to ‘bend the knee’ to Truth.

“MASS AWAKENING - What’s Really Happening - 2020 - 30 minute Synopsis”

“THE AFTERMATH”: The SHIFT into an Era of Peace and Light

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