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The world most have experienced these last 3+ years has been very dark, fearful and foreboding of what may soon come. EXPERIENCED is the key word since each one’s experience ‘of’ the world is different … sometimes dramatically different. What shows up on the screen of Consciousness [the ONE SELF YOU Really Are] is a perfect projected replication of the ‘conditioning’ [or lack thereof] that one comes into what is NOT real … an illusion or dream-world. What one is ‘attached to, expecting from and identifying with’ is the ‘chain’ that binds them to their unique dream. When this illusory chain dissolves [when the conditioning has been dissolved] … the world SHOWS UP as a Perfect manifestation of the ONE SELF. You may refer to this as genuine Love, Abundance, Beauty, Joy, Freedom, Peace.


This REAL EXPERIENCE cannot come about through ‘any’ attempt to ‘fix’ the world since it arises ‘directly’ from the existing conditioning. Any attempt to do so is at best a ‘band-aid’ where the conditioning will show up somewhere else disguised as a different manifestation but EXPERIENCED in the same way. Nevertheless, all well-meaning attempts to bring about so-called ‘positive’ changes DO have an influence on the ‘inner-work’ required to dissolve conditioning.


The massive ‘EXPANSION’ of what appears very ominous has come as a result of the ‘collapse’ of a dysfunctional phase as the dream-world enters a relatively NEUTRAL phase … like a building being demolished to make way for something fresh and new. Its can be and has been very disturbing to most of humanity physically, emotionally and mentally but ‘has’ for some brought them to their knees in surrender where the turn ‘WITHIN’ is very near. That is where conditioning can be recognized and dissolved.


It is true that the dream-world is about to become ‘leveled’ where food, shelter, clothing, health care and financial security are available for ALL … and this will seem to many like ‘heaven on earth’. Nevertheless, the EXPERIENCE that each one has in this NEW era will be the same. Fears, suspicions, judgments, prejudices, desires of every kind and a host of other conditioning-related tendencies WILL continue to ‘taint’ every experience in this new Happy Dream. The INNER work ‘must’ be done to dissolve the ‘experience-manifester’ … CONDITIONING. For those who have been somewhat humbled by these last few ‘trying’ years and begun the essential ‘turn within’, they will find it easier and easier to keep focused on this prerequisite work that leads all on the path-less-path to Freedom … the full and unbroken Awareness of the ONE SELF They Really Are.


-image by Solveig Larsen


SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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