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The world-universe is a story [your unique experience]. It is made-up, a fabrication constructed out of the conditioning in the archive of the false self. None of it is true. When you hold a book in your hand that may contain a story of several thousand years in length, the first and the last days and all in between are ALL there at once [in no-time – happening NOW]. ALL of dream-history is like that, broken into vignettes through your five senses combined with your belief in separation, time and space … making it ‘somehow’ seem real in your experience.

Recently, in this last 3 years, you have endured a highly dramatic story filled with passion, suffering, fear, anxiety, villains, lies [many lies] and revelations. This brief chapter in the Grand Dream of humanity is about to come to a close. Climax after climax will soon ripple throughout the dream-story-world, shaking and shocking most of its occupants. Enormous and far-reaching tyranny is about to be revealed as the dominoes of a great treachery fall ever more quickly – EVERYWHERE!

The story has absorbed most into its pages so that only a few ‘witness’ it from the clarity of the balcony in the theater of dreams, knowing that what they are watching is an illusion from cover to cover in the book of the unreal. The imminent ending is a happy dream, be assured of that, and it is a part of a ‘series’ that will continue to play out in waves of great happiness through many more chapters. There are no stories to match the beauty that is now approaching.

Read on and enjoy as the dark chapters fade away … but if you long for more, close the book and dive within beyond stories, dreams and illusions. What beckons there cannot be described, so vast is its boundless Joy.

“THE AFTERMATH”: The SHIFT into an Era of Peace and Light

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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