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Trying to sort out all the dysfunctional stuff that shows up in your life experience may ‘feel’ cathartic, but its a ‘mind oriented’ practice and a never ending search that leads no where.

‘... the false self [ego] seeks but never finds’. ACIM

The false-self-body-mind-identity [person] loves to gather so-called ‘facts’, study ancient scriptures and philosophies, quote well known authorities and analyse ‘everything’. None of this has ‘ever’ led to Freedom, however it ‘will’ eventually lead to a sufficient level of frustration that each one will finally turn within for the only Real answer there is - YOU ARE GOD [the SELF]. It is your own unique ‘show’, made up out of your conditioning and projected into such a believable holographic illusion that very few have ever really questioned the flimsiness of ‘this’ … the Grand Dream.

This question requires a constant yet ‘simple’ vigilance and occurs in 3 words: “Who am I?” This alone will bring each one HOME. At some point the exquisite-agony of frustration combined with ‘who am I’ and total surrender will lead humanity to the heavenly aroma of Who It Really Is.

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