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Imagine that you are just waking up from a very deep sleep. You were in a long dream that still lingers but the props and the players are quickly dissolving as your eyes flicker, trying to adjust to the half Light of an early morning. In your sleep your body shifted, and your hand now rests outside the covers on its own as if it is an isolated object. In your half sleep, still motionless, lying in shadowed Light, you struggle to identify this strange object lying beside you. Gradually, it begins to feel somehow familiar as if you have always known what it was. You yawn as the rising sun begins to stream through the window and gradually you come to recognize the object as your own hand. You laugh at the silliness of your confusion, shake yourself and slowly rise up fully from your long night of dreaming.

This is how it is with the world around you as you remember Who You Really Are and that ‘everything’ that has seemed separate and apart from you was always You. As the rays of dawn expand together with your full awakening, the deeper knowing comes that this ONE Life lies below the garments of trees and people, roads and skyscrapers, cars, oceans, stars and galaxies and even your own body [everything] … they are simply disguises that temporarily hid the ONE Life You Are and have always been. Your laughter grows and blossoms into the Joy, another aspect of Who Really You Are. Such is the ‘essence’ of Freedom.

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