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How can ‘emptiness’ expand? Emptiness or Nothing-ness is Who YOU Really Are … as well as infinite potential. This is the meaning of: “… of myself I AM Nothing …”. What is full [meaning the sense of a personal self] must be emptied. It is this sense of a ‘defined’ individuality that fosters the ‘belief in’ and the ‘mischief from’ the idea of separation. Emptiness ‘is’ ONE and as Awareness expands so emptiness expands.

This means that what has been ‘full of thought’ returns to a blank screen - YOU Are this screen and what has played out ‘on’ the screen as the world/universe is the false-full-ness that suggests there is a personal ‘me’. To the extent that your attention is focused on this play of manifested thoughts on the screen of Consciousness, so will be your experience. As these thoughts diminish [conditioning dissolves], so does the illusion of the dream you seem to have been living within.

The dream continues [if you choose to remain in a body] but it can no longer molest you. This is the meaning of: “Living IN the world [dream] but not OF the world”. You cannot ‘think your way into this, because it is an un-thinking experience.


HOW SUFFERING LEADS TO FREEDOM” - The Transition out of Deep Sleep to Liberation - by John McIntosh

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