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As the personal ‘I’ fades away, the things it was passionate about and constantly striving to attain and experience become less and less attractive. The dream is unveiling its disguises and as a result, its allure. Temporary pleasures as well as ‘unpleasant-ness’ has less affect as the world seems more and more ‘unreal’. These are normal symptoms of the growing Awareness of Truth. Very few have a dramatic shift from dreamer to Conscious Awareness and yet this is not a ‘search’ or a ‘becoming’ due to some form of ideal conduct. It is simply the falling away of the ‘world dream’ as the ‘mind’ that projected it shrinks.

The body-mind-identity has been kept alive by the attention and importance that it has been given. Without the ‘projector’ there is no dream … only the blank screen of Consciousness, which is boundless and unchanging. The mind calls this boring, but it has been living within the tiny frame of the universe and has no concept of the bliss of eternity.

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