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Good ‘intentions’ are NOT sufficient to balance the energies of what one ‘intends’ to change or adjust. What one focuses on … manifests the ‘appearances and experiences’ in the dream world most call reality. They are NOT Real but shadows thrown off by thoughts oriented to the belief in separation, which are always laden with chaos, conflict and confusion.

If, for example, one looks around and notices that there is corruption everywhere, which is highly visible as this Great SHIFT into an Era of Peace and Light unfolds … and chooses consciously to become ‘active’ in helping to ‘change’ that condition, they must step into that ‘field’ of thinking. Like one in undercover law enforcement for example, they must ‘take on’ the disguise of the environment they wish to change and ‘can’ actually ‘end up’ becoming exactly ‘like’ that energy themselves. Its like ‘dancing with fire’.

This is the ‘you become what you think about’ phenomena that seems to exist in the so-called ‘creation’ of one’s reality. What actually happens is the body-mind-identity most call ‘me’ [which is an illusion] … takes on the ‘mask’ of the most predominant and passionate thoughts and ‘seems’ to ‘become’ that NEW identity.

The Real YOU [the ONE SELF] NEVER changes and remains pristine no matter what seems to be occurring in the Grand Dream. When one has crossed the bridge into the Freedom of the ONE SELF They Really Are, that ‘Being-ness’ has more influence than 8 billion well meaning dreamers … without ‘doing’ anything.

-image by Solveig Larsen

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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