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When one becomes deeply immersed in spirituality there can be a tendency to ‘nit-pick’ words and phrases. You can become ‘attached’ to what a sage has shared or to the way a belief system explains certain aspects of what it proclaims is Truth. When this attachment occurs, if you are exposed to something stated this way or that way and it does not line-up with what you have decided defines the Truth [at the moment], you may tend to become a spiritual analyst that surgically corrects what doesn’t seem ‘in-sync’ with what you believe. If you do this, you are ‘lost’ in the mind where Truth ‘cannot’ be known.

Words and concepts, written or spoken are only ‘catalysts’ that may bring you to the threshold of the flow of Truth. No words in and of themselves can ever convey ‘Pure’ Truth because Truth is Infinite, and you cannot place a frame around Infinity. Truth flows but the mind easily becomes bogged down and can block this flow through memorized facts or imagined concepts that are always colored by the conditioning of the false-sense-identity.

When you are ‘IN’ Truth ... in the flow of Truth, you are ‘lost’ in the Purest sense. The ‘you’ that has become your personal identity is not there ... it cannot be for Truth to flow. This is why Jesus said: “I, of myself, am nothing”. This flow is always about where your ‘Attention’ is. If your Attention is placed on the Truth, which is the God you Are, the false self falls away because your Attention is NOT on it.

-image by Solveig Larsen

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