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In the illusion of ‘time’, the future is VERY Bright.

Humanity looks around at the Grand Dream [that most call reality] and declare it to be ‘very dark’ indeed. Whether one is so-called ‘woke’ to the enormous tyranny now being exposed everywhere after over a century of total world domination, or still sleeping deeply believing that this is just a really rough patch of life … no one can deny – ‘things look really bleak’.

However, much like a bout of extreme flu, all manner of nasty toxicity is being released to be sloughed off. When the full extent of the subterfuge and deceit and the carnage it has manifested surfaces for all to see – ‘many’ will simply melt down. Nevertheless, a breakdown ‘can be’ a breakthrough and the vast ABUNDANCE now being released [still largely unseen by the masses] is only the tip-of-the-iceberg’s potential for the expansion of inner awareness that can be realized by the breakthrough now occurring.

-image by Solveig Larsen

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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