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‘Everything’ that shows up in the ‘mirror’ of your unique world-dream is orchestrated to bring you HOME to the full Realization of the SELF YOU Are.

The child with a life-threatening illness ‘tears open’ the most frozen heart. The longed-for career that suddenly comes to a crashing end, ‘shatters’ the belief in one’s ability to control life experiences. The bitter divorce, the decimated financial stability, the life-long friendship destroyed, the reputation thrown into disrepute, the loss of cherished possessions, global chaos and conflict and a host of other crushing disruptions ALL have the capacity to bring one to their knees. Often, many such shocks are required to gain sufficient attention for you to ask the KEY question:

“There must be a better way”.

This begins to shine Light on who you are NOT, giving you glimpses of the SELF YOU Really Are and ultimately leads to total Liberation.

Nothing ‘REAL’ is happening while you sleep to Truth.

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